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The Star Trek French Club is born informally in May 2015 on the initiative of a fan from Lyon, Renato Negroni. Gathering real franchise connoisseurs or basic curious people keen to discover it, this Facebook page turned rapidly into an animated forum where ideas and opinions are exchanged at Warp 9.99! But from all those talks that a fundamental je-ne-sais-quoi is missing: fans want to meet amongst themselves and develop projects. Internet isn't enough. First step, to find a visual identity. In January 2016, Vania Holodiline created the club's logos. Then, the first meeting is organized in Lyon in November 2015, followed by a second one in March 2016.

The initiative hit the mark because other meetings were planned in Paris, Nantes, Clermont-Ferrand, etc. As the STFC was growing, a more adapted structure should be considered and that was the moment when the STFC association has been officially created, on the 8th of October 2016. Since then, other meetings had been organized and, as it got more famous, we had the honor of being interviewed by the Première magazine (web version) but also Le Monde, France Inter...
If you read these lines, that means Star Trek is nothing unknown for you and that you're probably looking for other fans. You hit the bullseye, it's the place to be!


The STFC exists to give again visibility of Star Trek in France, by its presence in exhibitions and conventions, but also organizing local meetings with fans.


Star Trek is a utopic universe in which all people and all races that make it up are living in peace inside the United Federation of Planets. Before the universal translators were invented (and reliable), it is mentioned that we were speaking the Standard, the universal language derived from English. This is why our French-speaking club bears an English name, to show this so-cherished Gene Roddenberry's universalism.


We noticed that Star Trek fans are not that numerous as they are in other countries where the franchise has been more successful.

Also, the STFC set a goal, on one hand by getting met fans in their areas, so that they can discuss about their favorite universe, to exchange their cosplaying tips and elaborate projects.

On the other hand, the STFC wants to give more visibility of Star Trek in France by its members presence in exhibitions and conventions, either with a dedicated booth or just by organizing a trip and to show us at the same time.

Our principle: to live our passion beyond forums and social networks.

We don't define ourselves as a fan club, but even better than a fan club!

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