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As it tells, the Members Forum is restricted to the association's members only. It's in that space that STFC members can registrate to the main activities (trip with the club booth), but also to share animation suggestions.

- What is it for?

It is on that section that you can registrate on the suggested animations by the club or other members, to suggest your own animation ideas, bring some remarks, etc.


- I'm a member, am I automatically enrolled?

No. We let you free from enrolling with your own nickname. Sign up first, then send a mail to administrators at asking your account activation. Please precise your first and last name as well as your chosen nickname. You will get a confirming mail within 48 hours maximum.

- What are the forum sections?


It is the most important section of the forum, because this is there when you can registrate to suggested activities, to join the club booth in exhibitions and conventions, but also in the Carpool and Accomodation section to facilitate your trips.


You will find there THE section about cosplay, uniforms. Let's go, ask some tips, send pics of yourself in uniform or send your costume project or even all the information you would like to share about makeup.

rencontre locale forum.jpg

Funny name isn't it? Referring to the holographic café of Marseilles in Star Trek Voyager™, in this section you can talk about anything, Star Trek or not!
Create also some minigames or other animations, it's the "lumber room" section!


Members build up the STFC. If you have any ideas, some suggestions regarding the management, the communication, animations or anything else, it's the place to suggest.

- A needed section is not found, what can I do?

Tell it in the "Your ideas & suggests" section from the homepage on the Members Forum. A forum administrator will try to find a solution and will tell you in person.

- I don't understand forums, please, help me!

No worries! If you're not accustomed to forums, ask for any support: a club administrator or a member will show you in live! Ask it by email at:

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