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Local meetings are organized by the members themselves and allow, during a day or more, to discuss about our favorite universe, to plan future activities for the club, well, to exchange! These meetings are also free and opened to nonmembers (except activities like museums, restaurants, etc. that are in charge of each one).

- Where can I find the local meetings list?

Go to the homepage, Events section and let yourself be led.

- To participate, do I need to registrate?

Yes, it's mandatory. You will find the link of the entry form just below the event description on the button "Registration".

- I want to plan a meeting, how to proceed?

Send a mail to the club at with the following details:

- your first and last name

- the date and city of your meeting

- a most-detailed program of the day (if there are any charged activities, don't forget to mention the total)

- Option: minimal number of wanted participants (and a deadline for cancelling the meeting if that minimal number is not reached)

- the precised place and time of the meeting point

- Option:  indicate means to get at the meeting point (transportation, SNCF, etc.)

Then, you have nothing to do: the club will promote your meeting. You will get the registrations bit by bit, and above all, you will never be alone to manage your event, an administrator will always be there to guide you!

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