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Club members can represent Gene Roddenberry's franchise through multiple exhibitions and conventions.

We are in shows of Lyon region, in Vichy, Dijon, Auxerre, or even Clermont-Ferrand. Thanks to you, we could grow that list!

Members only can organize or participate to a booth. To do so, you can registrate to an event or suggest one on the forum.

You would like to registrate to a booth, to participate?

There is how to do it:

- A STFC booth, what is that?

It's an offered spot (or sometimes a rental spot) by the exhibitions/conventions organizers where we are free to represent the club and the franchise. We adapt the booth's size according to the number of members from a part, and by what we will put on it on the other part (read below). This is the main goal: the booth is also the best way to proudly show our personal collections!

- What do the club supply? What should I bring?

Whether it is in Paris, in Lyon, in Marseille or in Lille, the booth calls for minimum specifications to be recognizable at first sight. Also, exempted depending on certain circumstances, the club supplies visuals (roll-ups & "official" photos), movies and series visuals displays, but also fireproof tableclothes. Think about bringing your own collection stuff and items that will garnish the booth (starships, books, goodies, photos, etc.)!

- Where can I find the booth participation list?

You will find it on the website homepage, Events section.

WARNING : This list suggests exhibitions where we can run a booth with the exception that the minimal number of members required is reached.

- I want to participate to a booth, where do I registrate?

In the Members Space section in The Club page, click on the "Activity Registration" button... and let yourself be led! The registration will be on the Members Forum (you must have an active account), under the responsability of the member who is organizing the booth.

- I found an event where the club can go, who should I talk to?

One email:


The manager in charge of the events will contact you for futher informations and will set up your suggestion on the website and on the forum. If you want to take charge of the organization, read below.

- Can I be in charge of a booth organization?

Of course, like any member else, and you are even strongly encouraged! You don't know how to proceed? Don't worry, you will be guided by a manager or another skilled member. Just ask it via the forum or by the club mail:

- I'm not rich, can you give me some latinum stripes so I can come?

The STFC defrays no one. The Members Forum includes a section Carpool & Accomodation that we suggest to use actively. Nevertheless, big exhibitions defray in part or entirely sometimes all exhibitors under certain circumstances.

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